What is an Arepa?

A staple of Venezuelan and Colombian cuisine, an arepa is a gluten free flatbread made of ground corn meal, water and salt. The dough is formed into a patty, grilled, baked, split and stuffed with a variety of ingredients.  Our arepas are handmade to order and cooked fresh the day of service.


Pollo Peru Chicken | Lettuce | Peruvian Aji

Reina Pepiada Chicken Avocado salad

Pueco Rico Pork | Cabbage Slaw | Piconesa

Chori-PAN Chorizo Sausage | Chimichurri 

Venezuelan Shredded beef | Cheese | Sour Cream

Arepaguesa Beef burger | Cheese | Piconesa

Camarones Chilenas Shrimp in Chilean spice blend

Queso Frito Grilled Queso fresco | Colombian aji

Jamon y Queso Grilled ham | Cheese

Vegi-zuelan: Eggplant | Bell pepper | Onion 



Pollo Sofrito Shredded chicken | Bell Pepper & Onion

Pernil Slow roasted Puerto Rican Pork

Alydi Beef & Potato Hash

Carne Mechada Shredded beef | Onion & pepper

Queso Melted white cheese blend

Vegi-zuelan: Eggplant | Bell pepper Onion 


*Pollo ala Plancha Grilled chicken marinated in Peruvian seasonings

Reina Pepiada Chicken and Avocado salad.

*Pernil Slow roasted Puerto Rican Pork

Sachicha Argentinian style chorizos

*Carne Mechada Venezuelan shredded beef simmered in sofrito

Arepaguesa Ground beef burger patty

Camarones Chilenas Seared shrimp seasoned in a Chilean spice blend

Queso Frito Grilled queso fresco topped with Colombian aji

Jamon y Queso Grilled ham with yellow cheese

Vegi-zuelan: Eggplant with sauteed  bell pepper, onion and Venezuelan spices


*Arroz Seamed white or brown rice

*Caraotas Negras Venezuelan black beans

*Ensalada Repollo Shredded cabbage slaw with creamy citrus dressing

Elote Street vendor style corn off the cob

Yucca Fries Fried yucca root fries

Patacones/Tostones Smashed & fried green plantains

Maduros Grilled sweet plantains

*Aji Peruviano Creamy cilantro jalapeno sauce

*Aji Colombiano Chopped salsa of cilantro, lime, scallion & tomato

*Piconesa Spicy mayo, done Peruvian style

Ecuadorian Salasa de Cebolla Salsa of house-made pickled red onion
Chimichurri Argentinian garlic, herb salsa

Brazillian "Vinaigrette" Chopped salsa of bell pepper, tomato and onion

Guasa Venezuelan guacamole



Domestic Sodas Coke, Sprite, etc 

Ethnic Soft Drinks Inca Kola, Colombiana 

Bottled Water 



Cotija Cheese 


Fried Egg 





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